At NSJ Foundation, we are focused on providing quality support and family services with an emphasis on biblical principles.  We believe that everyone deserves support, love and the respect to live the best quality of life possible. Improving the quality of life of families and individuals can only be accomplished if we have our basic needs met for food and shelter.

Help us help your community by donating gently used clothing, food or financial support to our non-profit organization.  Your gifts are tax deductible, and will go a long way in helping a family in need.  We all need help sometime, make a difference today.

Make your check payable to:  NSJ Foundation, 5501 Rock Creek Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.  You can also drop off your clothing or food donations at the church Monday - Friday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.  Thank you for making a difference today! 


Our non-profit organization strives to provide resources for families in need.  You can make a difference today! 

Do you have a love to help?  Do you have a special talent of comfort, support and cooking:  Contact us today to become a member of the NSJ family of volunteers.  We need you! Email us at [email protected]  .